Gaspac Regulator and Charging Hose


This high pressure regulator is designed to easily regulate the nitrogen in the Airhog Gaspac. It consists of a male series 60 quick connect that plugs into the Gaspac, two WIKA gauges (reading both PSI and BAR), and a female series 60 quick connect to connect to the fill hose.


Fill Hoses

The fill hose consists of an armor jacketed microbore hose with male and female series 60 quick connects on either end. It has a rubber strain relief on either end to prevent kinking as well as rubber dust cap and plug to protect the hose from dirt and moisture. It is available in four different lengths depending on the specific model of the wind turbine being serviced or at the discretion of the farm manager. Suggested lengths as follows:

  • 8ft Hose: V80
  • 12ft Hose: V82
  • 24ft Hose: V90+
  • 32ft Hose: To feed gas from nacelle to hub
Fill Hose

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